Data Normalization


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I have a very basic question. When we are regressing Y on X1, X2, X3, I understand we need to perform some kind of normalization for X1, X2, X3 columns but what about Y. Do we need to normalize that as well while running regression?



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We don't need to perform normalization. In some situations it helps but there isn't a 'need' to do that.


You can do normalization to what ever you choose. I'd say most likely you'd want to normalize both x and y but you have to be doing it to make sense. For instance I probably wouldn't standardize dollars because this unit of measurement is already pretty interpretable. But scores on a test (lets say you could get a 0-60) well this doesn't really register in my known measurement units. What's a good score? What's an ok score? It is hard to interpret, so a standardizing of the variable in this case makes sense. Just keep in mind any transformation to data that you do may hinder your explanation of the results.