Data not Aggregating Appropiately

Hello, I am working on my capstone entitled "Association of Availability of Quality Early Care and Learning Centers and Childhood Obesity in Philadelphia, PA"
I am measuring the quality of QECLCs in three ways: (1) the number of total QECLCs, (2) the proportion of QECLCs out of all ECLCs, and (3) the number of QECLCs divided by children per census tract.
I am assessing the quality of early care and learning centers by using a Quality Rated Improvement System (Keystone STARS). With 2-4 stars defining QECLCs.
I first geocoded the addresses of all certified ECLCs, which included those with no star ratings in ArcGIS Pro. I decided on a one to many spatial join to join the geocoded point data to the census tract layer.
Please click this link and watch the video as I think it captures my issue more accurately -