Data pooling and regression analysis

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I have a question about data pooling and regression analysis, i have tried to read some basic statistic book, but still not answering my question.

Pls see my attachment file.

1. What is the basic principe performed on calculation step 1,2,3 and 4 like shown at page 2.
2. How do i can perform calculation like shown at step 2 page 2.
3. How do i can perform calculation for standard condition data model ( model 1,2,3,4 )
4. How do i can perform calculation for statistical analysis like shown at page 3 ( table of statistical analysis )



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I really don't have time to read through attached files and decipher what they're trying to do - why don't you post your specific problem/questions and we'll try to point you in the right direction. :)

You may need to invest some $$$ and time in reading stats books or taking a basic course.
still related with my previos posting, that i have 3 data. I want to perform a regression analysis with it. What analysis should be done to decide whether using multiple regression with 95 % confidence for 3 batches of data, or performing single regression with 95% for every batch.

The following is the sample of data :
1______ 110________1________109_________1________110
2______ 109________2________108_________2________109
3______ 108________3________108_________3________107
4______ 106________4________107_________4________106


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I would perform a single regression on all 3 batches, since it appears that, within each batch, you only have 1 data point for a given time t.
Some time there are more than one data point at the given time for example, at batch 1 time point 1 there is two significant value entered.

Sometimes, time point will be continuing until 36 or even 60, depend on stability condition for every batch.