Data Statistical Analysis Research Proposal.

Hi guys, I am doing a research proposal for my dissertation and under statistical data analysis I need to state how I am going to analyse my data. I am using nominal, ordinal and ratio data. Basically the project is on just men. Checking to see if a exercise programme over 12 weeks improves functional recovery using 4 outcome measures. The outcome measures are are based on improving activities of daily living, health related quality of life and increased physical activity and rate of mortality (number of deaths). Now I am not sure on what tests to do and why. Could anyone explain to me what to do here.

In short I am trying to find out if after these 12 weeks of exercise;

1. Reduces mortality rate after 12 weeks, 6 months, and 12 months
2. If it improves activities of daily living
3. If it improves health related quality of live via a survey
4. If it improves physical activity through a survey as well.