Dependent and independent variables

Hey guys.

I'm doing my masters and I'm trying to get the hang of statistics in social sciences. I have this one data set, where I'm looking at the relationship between different types of jobs and after-education in the different job types (yes/no).

It's then I get a little confused. As far as I understand, the independent variable is the job types, since I can chose as many job types as I want or change my focus on them and the dependent value then is after-education yes/no, since that doesn't change.

Did I get it right?

Thanks in advance and look forward to adding to the environment in here :)


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I am not sure what you mean by "change". The independent variable is what explains variation in the dependent variable. Which is causing the action in your model?
My H1 is, that different job types result in different "feelings" towards after-education. In this case, job-types causes the difference in yes/no to after-education. In this way, job-types are independent and after-education is dependent, right?


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What is "after-education", views of the value of education, views on additional education? I was wondering why you assigned this a yes/no response?
Great. Guess I get it :)

No, after-education is specified as extra education when "arrived" at the job you currently hold. More expertise in the specific job you hold. So it is simple yes/no because the question was: "Have you had after-education". Of cause specified more, but that is the essence of it.