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Does anyone watch "Dexter"?
I simply love this show, its next season is starting in September and I can not wait for it .
Do not get any ideas about my personality if I like this show.. I totally puked during the whole first season.. but I am cool now:yup:

Oh and I am sure you guys haven't watched good wife..its next season is starting in September too..YAY!!!!*blushing*

Mean Joe

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I have a hard time watching TV shows, because I can't feel comfortable setting a schedule for me to be in front of the TV. I know there's tech advances that let me watch anytime, but I don't use them. I guess ultimately I'm fine with not watching TV.

I used to religiously watch Married With Children and Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

Does Dexter work at a shoe store, or watch movies with robots?
I love Dexter! I want to marry him although I know that this might not end well......
Also a bit disappointed with season 5 though- it just wasnt quite right, felt a bit too prison break-y to me, i.e. trying too hard to keep you on the edge of your seat or something, not sure.