dichotomous variables as independent variables for multiple regression?

This is the question bothering me long time.

If we want to look at effects of some dichotomous variables on a continous variable in a whole model, should we use these dichotomous variables as independent variables and the continous variable as dependent variable in a multiple linear regression model? These dichotomous variables can be sex, events (1 represents yes and 0 represents no) and are very common used in clinical research.
I have seen some papers used it and was published. for example:
But this is confusing because for dichotomous variables it is not making sense to put them into linear model.

Please correct me if I am wrong. Or is there any better solutions to deal with this situation?

Thank you.


TS Contributor
ANOVA is more suited to a situation with categorical independents and continuous dependents, but you can use either ANOVA or multiple regression - they're basically the same thing. ANOVA is a special case of regression.