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25. In multiple regression analysis, residual analysis is used to test the requirement that
A) the variation in the residuals is the same for all fitted values of Y`
B) the independent variables are the direct cause of the dependent variable
C) the number of independent variables included in the analysis is correct
D) prediction error is minimized
26. A valid multiple regression analysis assumes or requires that
A) the dependent variable is measured using an ordinal, interval, or ratio scale
B) the residuals follow an F-distribution
C) the independent variables and the dependent variable have a linear relationship
D) the observations are autocorrelated
27. How is the degree of association between a set of independent variables and a dependent variable measured? A) Confidence intervals. B) Autocorrelation C) Coefficient of multiple determination D) Standard error of estimate
28. In a multiple regression ANOVA table, explained variation is represented by
A) the regression sum of squares B) the total sum of squares C) the regression coefficients D) the correlation matrix
29. If the coefficient of multiple determination is 0.81, what percent of variation is not explained? A) 19% B) 90% C) 66% D) 81%
32. When does multicollinearity occur in a multiple regression analysis? A) The dependent variables are highly correlated B) The independent variables are minimally correlated
C) The independent variables are highly correlated D) The independent variables have no correlation
35. If there are four independent variables in a multiple regression equation, there are also four A) Y-intercepts. B) regression coefficients. C) dependent variables. D) constant terms.
36. What does the multiple standard error of estimate measure? A) Change in Y' for a change in X1 B) The "error" or variability in predicting Y C) The regression mean square error in the ANOVA table D) Amount of explained variation