difference in shape of line graphs


I have 2 set of four data points per individual. I am trying to compare the difference between the shape of two profiles, rather than the actual scores on each measure. I need one number to represent the difference.

My thinking is to take the difference between A and B, A and C, A and D...then the difference between B and C, B and D, etc. ....and I'm stuck from there. Basically I need to know if there is an effective way of doing this, rather than using my own lack of expertise.




TS Contributor
Trying to use numerical descriptors to boil down curvature, slope, shape, etc. can get extremely complicated, so at first I would try a generic descriptive approach that just identifies the curve based on slope (upward, downward, etc.) and convex / concave.

What is it about the difference in shapes that is important?