Different types of data - please help me!

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I am currently writing my thesis, and I need your help! I am researching the effect of functional diversity within project teams on their cooperation and performance. To measure diversity, I used Blau's index. This index ranges from 0 (totally homogeneous) to 1 (totally heterogeneous). Cooperation and performance are measured with 5-point likert type scales.

I have run the tests and nothing significant came out. Maybe this is correct, but maybe I am doing something wrong. I don't know if I can simply run my tests with the different kinds of data (the index number with the likert-type scales). And if not, what should I do with the index variable?

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This doesn't quite look like software-specfic question?

I have run the tests and nothing significant came out.
Which tests did you run? And what were the actual results (e.g. p-values)?
And how large was your sample size?

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Sorry if I posted my question at the wrong place. I'm a newbie here and too forums in general :).
But anyway, my sample size is n=179. I used PROCESS (source: http://www.afhayes.com/introduction-to-mediation-moderation-and-conditional-process-analysis.html) to test for my mediated moderation model with four variables. I had an extensive course at the university on how to do this and I am sure this is the technique I want to use. I just don't know if i can combine these different kind of variables in an analysis or whether I should adjust the index variable somehow?

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