Discriminant Validity using Correlation Matrix

Hi.. I need help regarding establishing discriminant validity of an adapted scale using the correlation matrix. Original scale had 36 items. I checked for cronbach alpha and composite reliability, and they came out to be good (above .78). My scale has 60 items, with 8 dimensions out of which, 6 dimensions have 6 items each and 2 dimensions have 12 items each. Now I did the inter-item correlations, and found some violations. Can anyone please tell me how to find out the total number of comparisons possible, so that I can compare the number of violations and check whether my scale has discriminant validity or not?

Also I tried the factor analysis method as well, where in I used the variance extracted greater than correlation square logic to show discriminant validity logic. I compared pairs if dimensions, so 13 out of 16 such dimension pairs were showing discriminant validity. Can I go ahead with this?