Dissertation Help Needed!!!

Hi All, I'm writing my masters thesis on the impact certain variables may have on Bitcoin's price as a method of identifying investment opportunities. My biggest issue at the moment is that I am struggling to come up with a statistical method to use. So far I have looked at Pearsons Correlation and Regression analysis. But I was also considering a paried samples t-test but am unsure if I can use it. For each experiment I have the daily price of Bitcoin as well as a dependent variable, such as Gold Prices (This adds up to about 2200 days of prices in total). Can anyone help me identify whether I can use a t-test, if not is there anything else?


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A t-test requires groups or a single group versus a constant value. From what I can tell you have 1 group and two variables. I would look into simple linear regression and make sure you examine the model assumptions!