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Can I enroll in a distance learning program in States?
Where you get the lectures online and your h.w,quiz/ exams are online too?
I am interested in Post graduate diploma in Statistics, I wanted to enroll in masters program but I figured that I need to clear my basic concepts big time before taking such a big step.


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I've done a class on statistics.com; there were some Europeans, and a Nigerian. The class I took did not have class meeting times; instead you had a book, and each week a reading assignment (course took only 4 weeks, some may be 6). Plus some homework problems. There was a message board where you could post your questions, and an instructor monitored the board and answered.

The homework (in the class I took) was accompanied by examples which were just like the homework, but solution was worked through. So I don't want it to sound like you just had a book and were left on your own. If you think about it, asking questions about problems you can do, causes you to think a little more deeply; rather than just trying to figure out which method to use, then chugging through, you question why you use that method.


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Vjgupta perhaps?
Well, it might be a good site for learning but I want a real university like say..Pennstate university , Oklahoma etc,not saying that these two but it should be a legitimate university with a physical campus.
In here, it pays well if you have a diploma from a foreign university.:p


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would you consider an Australian University?

If so, Maquarie University has a good distance learning programme in statistics.


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yes, anything as long as it is a foreign university with physical campus, we have a virtual university here which is very renowned now, but I just do not feel comfortable with their system.
thank you so much.


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woo,I figured out that fee is insanely high for applied statistics
Proposed Per Credit Point Fee*: $633.00
Proposed Annual Fee*: $15,192.00

and I wonder if it is USD or AUSD?
The University of Colorado at Fort Collins offers several distance learning diploma programs in statistics, including studies at the masters degree level. Not trusting to Internet connection, they mail you video lectures on DVD. However the exams cannot be taken online, they must be proctored.



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A friend told me about Monash university in Australia, there fee is relatively low , but I was wondering if it is a renowned university in Australia?Like what is the ranking etc.
In addition to Colorado State........Texas A&M, Penn State, and Stanford all have online programs. I believe Texas A&M is only for US citizens. And Stanford's is geared towards data mining.....I don't know that much about them only looked at them briefly. I don't know if they are all only for US citizens.