Distinct counts / How many different products did a client buy?

Hi all,

I'm still pretty new to SPSS and trying to find my way around the different analyses that are possible. I'm a bit stuck on replicating one analysis I tend to do in Excel, involving distinct counts for a pair of string variables.

Imagine that I have the following data set:

Client - Product - Price
Adam - Apples - $2.00
Berta - Apples - $1.80
Doug - Apples - $1.50
Doug - Apples - $1.80
Carl - Bananas - $1.50
Adam - Oranges - $2.20
Doug - Oranges - $2.50

I would like to know:
How many different products did each client buy?
So in this case, I would expect the following results:

Client - Distinct Product Count
Adam - 2
Berta - 1
Carl - 1
Doug - 2
(Note that for Doug it should be 2, not 3, because he bought Oranges once and Apples twice but I am interested in distinct products)

In Excel, this is possible by using pivot tables and distinct counts, but I have no idea how to implement this in SPSS (or if it is even possible).

Any pointers will be highly appreciated :)
Hi Berley,

Thanks for your reply. I have tried to use crosstabs, but it does not seem to be able to do distinct counts or at least I did not manage to find the correct options. Please see below for the output that I am getting.

The problem is that for Doug, it is showing "3" in the total column, while I would like to see "2", as in he bought two different products, although he did make three transactions.

It would be great if you could help me achieve that. I have pasted the syntax as well, because maybe that is where I am going wrong.

Thanks again :)

Edit: I spelt Oranges wrong in one of the data lines, which is why it shows twice in the attached image, sorry about that
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First sort by client and product.

Use Aggregate with break variables client and product
and check the "count number of cases" box. This will give you a new
variable containing the frequency for each combination of client
and product.

Then create a new variable:
IF(name ne LAG(name) | product ne LAG(product)) flag = 1.

You can then select or filter by flag.

With kind regards

Hi Karabiner,

Thanks for your suggestion, seems to work perfectly well. Very elegant approach to the solution!

In case that anyone else is stuck with a similar problem, this syntax following Karabiner's hints got me to the point where Crosstabs is showing the desired results for the sample data mentioned above:

SORT CASES BY Client(A) Product(A).

/BREAK=Client Product

IF (Client NE LAG(Client) OR Product NE LAG(PRODUCT)) flag=1.

COMPUTE filter_$=(flag=1).
VARIABLE LABELS filter_$ 'flag=1 (FILTER)'.
VALUE LABELS filter_$ 0 'Not Selected' 1 'Selected'.
FORMATS filter_$ (f1.0).
FILTER BY filter_$.

/TABLES=Client BY Product