Do TSers pick threads with titles indicating misery or urgent help?

Following our previous talk, I wanted to compare two TS members right now. I counted how many threads of two TSers had titles like "Please help", "Help", "lost", "Urgent" etc.

One of TSers had responded to 25 threads out of about 200 threads they had answered to. The other one had picked almost none out of about 260 threads they had answered to! I could not count the exact number of threads because searching returned only posts not threads, and each TSer had usually more than a single post in each thread. But guessed the number of threads by counting the post numbers and dividing them by 2.5 (also the number of questions asked by the TSers was taken into account).

So although a chi-square cannot be performed (because of cells with zero value in the table!), it clearly indicated that we have a kind TSer here who responds to many of the desperate people who beg for an answer, especially an urgent one :D, even if they tell nothing about the question being asked! ;) :) :p :rolleyes:


Super Moderator
Hah. I don't think I'm one of your participants, but I think I do sometimes answer the vaguely titled threads - for the simple reason that they tend to be the dumber/easier questions, so my chance of being able to help is higher! I leave the harder stuff for raptors, bots, and queens of the silver screen...