download data from web to Stata memory

Hello there,
I wrote a code to download csv files from site to R's memory. It is a thousands of files, therefore, in the end of task I need to append all files in a single frame. How can I translate the following program to Mata language?
Regard that "mysites" is a column variable (string) which each row is a web address to find the data.

web <- read.xlsx(file.choose(), 1)
mysites =web$web
rm(web) # remove it because I need a lot of memory;

#run this code and relax for 3 or four hours; <- NULL
base <-NULL
for (i in mysites) {
try(base <- read.table(i, sep=";", header=T,, fileEncoding="windows-1252"), TRUE)
if(!is.null(base)) <- rbind(, base)