Dummy variable question in regression


I'm trying to understand dummy variables in regression. I'm regressing the price of diamonds against (1) weight (2) Clarity and (3) Colour. Clarity and colour and dummy variables and I created these in Minitab. This is the equation.

Price = 1.65 Weight + 3.99 Clarity_A + 3.86 Clarity_B + 0.210 Colour_A
+ 0.157 Colour_B

Is the Price for a weight = 2, Clarity A and Colour B the following?

Price = 1.65(2) + 3.99(1) + 3.86(0) + .210(0) + .157(1)
Price = 5.797

Thank you
Yes it is correct, but only if:

- clarity and colour both have only 2 options (A and B)

What I mean is, if for instance clarity and colour be A, B and C, then you need to include a constant in your model. But given your information, it is correct.

(Ofcourse, only if all assumptions of OLS are satisfied)
Either color or clarity (or both) has to have more than two levels, else the design matrix would have linear dependence (even w/o an intercept).