Durbin-Watson upper critical value is higher than 2, what now?




I have a home assignment in econometrics. I work with Gretl, on the Ramanathan data9-10 datafile. I have done an OLS model with all the input variables (15 in total, with 8 dummy variables among them) and I wanted to test the model for autocorrelation with Durbin-Watson test. I have selected Tool --> Statistical tables --> DW, and I have typed in the necessary numbers in the fields. My problem, is this:

dL = 1,1293
dU = 2,1542

DW test value = 1,5595

My problem is that I don't know how to build up a decision-table with this dU. I have uploaded an attachment for you to see what I have been trying with, but I don't think it's okay this way. In all my econometrics books it is written, that dU is always before 2, not after it. What should I do? I'm really pissed by this problem, as I have wasted so much f*cking time searching the web or a solution, and still didn't find any. Any help would be greatly appreciated.