Easy question yet hard

What's the test I need to perform on SPSS to get these questions answered. This is probably very easy, I'm just really useless.

Do online and offline customers differ in terms of (a) their future intentions towards the retailer and (b) the factors influencing those intentions?

(a) Are on-line customers younger than off-line customers?
(b) Focussing on ALL customers, do future purchase intentions of customers vary across income groups, marital status, or gender?

future intentions are from 1-7 as in will surely redo trade- never will do the trade

Online- offline are 1 or 0.

income groups are 4. 1k-30k, 31k-40k.. etc

I got all the data and many factors, I just need to know what test, such as paired T-sample etc.

you know how it goes. Thanks for the help in advance <3