Ecological Data advice on which test

I have done an experiment and am in dire need of some advice on statistical methods that I should use to answer the questions I seek.

The experiment involved growing one species on a glass slide that had the surface area of 3800mm2, these species included 2 natives and 3 introduced species (these animals were bryozoans) I then exposed this to the larvae of different species these included 4 introduced species and 3 natives i then recorded where they settled on the bare space (3800mm minus surface are of host), or on the host species (surface area was calculated). For all of these trials I have 10 replicates

So what I have is the first variable is the HOST SPECIES (This looks like sp1Nat, sp2Nat, sp3Intro and so on in different rows ) Second variable is the PARASITE SPECIES (same as Host) , 3rd variable is settlement on bare per mm^2 (e.g. 0.001901088) and 4th is settlement onto Host per MM^2 (0.004159405 this also has lots of 0).

So I would like to statistically show if compared to bare space settlement parasites Native or introduced show preference to settling on hosts Native or Introduced.. or
I would like to know statistically if the native and introduced hosts have different amounts of native or introduced parasites

What I have been doing so far is

I have also calculated the ratio of Host vs bare space (Host per MM^2/ bare per mm^2) I have taken the averages of the ratio for the 10 replicates for each species parasite species and there host. From there I have taken the average for each host and the native or the introduced parasites (here I have a table with
_______________Nat_________________ INTRO
Sp2nat_______ …………….____________0.669185
Sp4intro_______……… ______________ ……………..

I have then narrowed this down even further and taken the averages of native and introduce Parasites which gives me a 2x2 contingency table


So this is ratio data is there any statistical analysis I can perform on this 2x2 table? or should i go back the the raw data?
Any help of any magnitude would really be appreciated here, even, thanks for your time