Entering data in SPSS

The most stupid problem is happening to me... I'd love to do some analysis on my data but unfortunately, I just can't enter them! I must do something wrong but it's the first time that I am told to use this software and I have not really been told how to use it...
My problem is that I can only enter figures without decimal, when I start to put a point it cancels everything.
How can I type 27.31 in my value (for example)?

Is there actually a quicker way than typing them to take them from Miscrosoft Word? Copy-paste doesn't work.

Oh by the way, after I did my t-test, could somebody tell me how do I interprete the data? I haven't been doing stats for a loooooooong time and I need some refreshment!

Your default data format is probably set to be integers. If you click the "variable view" tab at the lower left hand corner, enter 2 in the "Decimals" column, then you can input 27.31 in the main data screen.


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Am guessing you mean a between groups (independent samples t test). Just some general points. Look at your t value (caled t) and significance (alpha) columns (sig. (called 2 tailed) on the out put. The alpha will tell you if the differences between groups are significant. Your alpha should be under .05 to be considered statistically significant. Then go to the first outout box (Group Statitstics)with the group means and standard deviations. From there you will be able to tell which group is scoring higher (or lower) than the other. Also, if you click on the HELP button SPSS will give you an example to guide you.