entering data matrix in spss

Hi guys,

I am kind of stuck in sth that seems pretty simple.

I have a list of (e.g. 100) 6x6 matrices. This is a result from paired comparisons (6 stimuli). see following:

1 2 3 4 5 6
1 x ...
2 x ...
3 x ....

Each matrix represents a variable (e.g. how beautiful a car is) , and i have several measurements of beautifullness in paired comparisons of the 6 different cars(e.g. audi versus bmw..) placed in the cells in the matrix. What i want is to compute correlations of overall variables like beauty, so correlations between different matrices.

My first thought would be to find a way to input matrices in spss. I cannot figure this out. My second thought would be to input all variables separately (36 vars x 100 matrices). Then i would need to specify how an overall variable (matrix) is defined by the 36 variables(cells) so as to let spss to compute correlations correctly.

Do you have any solution to any of these two questions?

I would appreciate it a lot!