Entering the dizzy world of statistics and hoping to exit with it making sense!

Hello :wave:

I have always been interested in Nature and how enterties interact with each other so I started studying for a MSc in Forest and Nature Conservation over in the Netherlands and have just started my thesis work.

The project that I am conducting is based in Poland where, with the use of camera traps, I aim to study the relationships between apex predators and mesopredators :yup:

As with any scientific programme statistics are required to ensure that the work you conduct is not only ecologically sound but that it is also concrete. Well this area is not my strong point and sometimes even the most basic statistical concepts seem confusing. I try my best to solve what I don't understand through reading guides but often I am still at a loss (and my stat class was about 10months ago :p ) so now I have finally picked up the courage to seek help from you knowledgeable people :yup:

So I would like to say a hearty hello to you all :wave::wave: