[Epidata] - Check in epidata for multiple choice value

Hi everyone!

This the first time I post on this forum. Sorry if I post not true places but in the forum I don't know where to write because it not have Epidata topic.

As you know write command check entry in epidata spend a lot of times. Mostly with multiple choice value.

Please help me, how to write a check file faster with it? because in the questionnaire design have many the same value:

Please, find attached files

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Check in epidata for multiple choice value

I'm guessing Epidata is some sort of software?

Edit: Yup.

I changed the name of the thread slightly and moved it to the 'other software' forum for you. I've never heard of it so I'm not much help here...
Thanks mod! Exactly that is the statistic software, it's not famous in analysis but very useful in making and entering quantitative data.

In-fact I knew some command check, ex: if, top-of-screen but I feel it's not advance for entry data.

Who have experience about that, help me please!

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