equality of two samples


I have 10 values of two sample for each month for the 1987-1996 period. Is it possible to test if these two samples are equal? if so, which methodoloy i should use?


TS Contributor
Could you clarify?

If I'm reading correctly, for each month in the 1987-1996 time period, you have 2 samples of 10 data points each?


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I would start out with 2-way ANOVA (Analysis of Variance), using the variables:

(1) Month/Year
(2) Sample Number

ANOVA will tell you if the sample-to-sample variation, within each month, is significant, while controlling for month-to-month variation. It will also tell you if there is an interaction between months and samples.

Do a means plot for each variable, and also an interaction plot - try to look for patterns (is sample 1 always bigger than sample 2? is one sample bigger in particular months every year? are there other interesting patterns?)

A good place to look for info is here: