Equation, significance test, prediction interval

Hi Everybody. I am a student getting used with Eviews and refreshing my statistics knowledge. There are two series: FGPA and SATM scores of 10 students. I have to investigate how far the FGPA scores of these students can be explained in terms of their SATM scores. Then I am asked to regress the FGPA scores on a constant and SATM and compute a, b and s^2.

What I did, and I'm not sure if I considered right the dependent and independent I typed the equation as satm c fgpa. Is that correct?

I also need to perform 5% significance test on a and b; construct 95% interval estimates for alfa and beta; make a point prediction of the FGPA score for a student with SATM score equal to 6.0 and construct a 95% prediction interval; and discuss the conditions needed to be confident about these predictions.

So far I know that for confidence intervals I can View/Coefficient Diagnostics/ Confidence Intervals. However, anything I would solve from the requirements depends on how correct is my equation.

I would be really grateful for any help with the above problem. Even without using this software, I could use some guidance trying to figure out what I need to do.