Error in multivariate plot


I am trying to make a multivariate plot similar to the above image in R, using the command
pairs(response variable,panel=panel.smooth)

I just got an error
Error in pairs.default(Response, panel = panel.smooth) :
only one column in the argument to 'pairs'

Could anyone tell me what this means? And how I can fix it?
I got the command from a R book (plots section) and it doesnt tell you which bit of the command is the command and which bit is meant to be changed for your own data. So I have to admit I am not completely sure if the 'panel=panel.smooth' part is supposed to be changed to something else?
I tried googling multivariate plots but no success :(

Any help would be appreciated!
Oops turns out the command should actually have the data name, instead of the response variable. I have made the changes and it works now, I cannot seem to find the option to delete this thread. If a mod could do it that would be great :) Thanks!