EViews Break Point Test


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Hi all,

I need some advice relating to the Eviews 7 programs file, and the Excel data file, as attached:

1. I ran a rolling Ward break point test program on some PCE [personal consumption expenditures] series and plotted the graph. What do the Y-axis units mean, and how to interpret the graph - for it doesn't seem to indicate a 'break point'?

2. I also ran a similar program on some CPI series and plotted the graph. It showed a clear break point around 1982. My question: how can I obtain a similar 'break point' plot with the PCE series, just like the CPI plot - say by modifying the PCE program and how?

To add:
- the PCE and CPI are two common measures of inflation, and I would expect both to show a break point [around 1982].
- The Eviews programs were based on a template given by my predecessor who has left the project team. I am new to Eviews and Wald break point test so would appreciate some advice here. Appreciate.