[EViews] Maddison data, examine the correlograms and autoregressive model

hello, it's the first time that I use e-views and I never studied statistics before, but I am quite interesting in. So I am trying to resolve this exercise, it's an exam, using maddison data, and comparing chinese GDP per capita with South-Korea one.
1Plot the series.
2Examine the correlograms.
3Fit an autoregressive model to each
series by least squares. Try ARs of
different orders. (If you call your series
Y then EViews reads Y(-1) as Y lagged
Then I should comment and I will start writing about the difference between those 2 economies. there is anyone able to help me please?
Thanks a lot in advance.

1. Click on the time series and open it in a separate window. Go to view -> graph and choose the graph you want.
2. To get the correlograms you do the same thing as in 1 (i.e. open the series individually) and go to view -> correlogram.
3. Go to quick -> estimate equation. Type in "Y C AR(1)" for an autoregressive process of the first order and "Y C AR(2)" for an autoregressive process of the second order.

Good luck!