Excel: Frequency Distribution


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I have a data,That has three variables,age,height, weight
I am asked to do the question below

. Create frequency tables with class boundaries for the age 9.5, 19.5, 29.5,
39.5, 49.5, 59.5, 69.5, 79.5 for HT and WT. Find the mean, median,
mode, midrange, range, standard deviation, variance for these frequency
tables. Draw corresponding histograms, frequency polygons, pie charts.

Now here comes the tricky part..
I know how to make a frequency table of a single variable, but I have got no clue ho to make a frequency tables of other two that corresponds to the class boundaries of the corresponding age boundaries.
It is even possible?:confused:
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But the thing is..
I have all three variables in numeric,
like age,height and corresponding weight.
If I make class boundries of age and run countif command all three frequency will be the same.
Meaning I will have age say 9.5_19.5 and there are 10 people oin that category, and they have any weight and height corresponding too, so the height and weight will have 10 frequencies with respect to age.
I think I will have to make seperate class boundries for each three variables.

Hope I am making myself clear.