[Excel] Help needed with converting data to bell curve

Hi, I am looking to draw the following graph in my attachment (please see attached PDF).

I tried converting them into histogram and then into a bell curve, but couldn't get it to work, because I don't understand terms such as "bin range". Can someone enlighten me on whether I need to convert the data into a histogram first then into a separate bell curve? If so, could someone show me how I should do it? Many thanks

PS - I understand that the graph I am looking for should be a normal distribution (I'm guessing it's not a standard normal distribution graph as the graph I am looking for is not one with 0 in the middle). Please kindly advise me... Thank you very much!
have you tried the graph type "Area"?
Hi Masteras, thanks, that's a very useful graph type that I've never used before :)
However for the current data on hand, with data ranging from 2 - 100,000, the graph barely reflects the lower figures, and hence i was wondering if i had to translate the data into histograms...

If there is no other way out than to do a histogram, how do i do it, and are there any rules for it?



TS Contributor
a ok, i see. yes, you can create bins yourself. there is a rule of thumb of how mabny bins you create based on your sample. But keep in mind it is better to have the same width. Call them classes idf not bins if you like it more. but then youhave to count the number of data within each bin seperately. Then do a bar chart with the bars stacked one ritght next to the other. but i have not tried this myself, plus it is too tiring, time consuming. how about use spss?