expectation of conditional probability

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I have two questions which I found answers to slightly different version of them in books but not to those that I have in mind so please pay attention in responding.

1) I like to calculate the expectation of conditional probability Pr(X|Y) for all values of Y. Meaning I want to integrate Pr(X|Y) over all positive Y. What is the formula for that? I found the answer to expectation of Pr(X|Y) for all values of X.
[you can consider any arbitrary probability function]

2) How can I calculate the probability of Pr(X|YZ)? Where Z and Y are two different dependent events. I found the answer to Pr(XY|Z).

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Are all the X, Y, Z you mentioned in both questions are all events? Not random variable?

So what is the meaning of "for all values of Y"?
It should be possible to represent events with an appropriate sigma-algebra and random variables. So if it helps consider that X, Y and Z are R.Vs.


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Ok anyway let \( A \) to be an event.

Then you can compute \( g(y) \triangleq \Pr\{A|Y = y\} ~~ \forall y \in \mathcal{Y} \)
where \( \mathcal{Y} \) is the support.

Note that this is just a function of \( y \) define on the support. So you can replace it by the random variable and define
\( g(Y) \triangleq \Pr\{A|Y\} \) to be another random variable on [0,1] transformed from Y. So we can always talk about the expectation:
\( E[g(Y)] = E[\Pr\{A|Y\}] \)


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Sorry really confused about your second question. Can you define your question clearer?
Which one is event? Which one is random variable?
Let me try to explain it with following story from economics:
Suppose there are two states of the world High (H) and Low (L). There are two firms competing in a market charging p1 and p2 as their prices.
I like to know the probability of state H when firm one charges p1 and firm 2 charges p2. Pr(H|p1,p2)?
Therefore given my notations in the above post, X is the event, and Y and Z are random variables.
BTW, are you writing symbols in your post in Latex? Do you put the syntax in between dollar sign? I am new to posting math in forums. I don't know how I can write symbols in here.


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Another useful set of tags is the [noparse][noparse][/noparse] tag and it's corresponding ending tag. It allows us to mention the [noparse]
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Yes I remember that there is a tag which allow me to put [noparse] [/noparse] in text without any parse, but just forgot the name. Thanks for the nice reminder.