Experiemntal design query

Hello. I have a pre-emptive biological statistics question, I wonder if you could help?

I release 100 individuals into a room with a baited trap. Not all individuals are equally likely to to captured by the trap as they are not equally starved beforehand (and can't be, practically). Assumption is that if equally hungry, then behaviour would be normalised. Trap catch can be assessed over 24 hours, after which even the hungriest will have been captured.

1) For each of 10 traps I would like to determine the best possible time to catch 50% of the individuals in the room based on the capture rate of the hungriest individuals.
2) How do I then test for significant difference in the resulting trap catch values?
3) How would I get a margin of error for the values?

Despite pressure to start experimenting, experience has taught me not to go into something like this without a clear idea of what my data set will look like. I am out of my depth with this request. Any help appreciated.