OK, so this is my senior year in high school and I am in AP Stats. I'm pulling a 94 in the class and have had no trouble before until now.
We are in Chapter 5 of The Practice of Statistics, Second Edition- Producing Data. I have a project to do in which I have to design an experiment. Here are the guidelines I was given:
Measurable outcome
Randomization, Replication, and Control
Define factors, experimental units, responses, treatments, levels, and procedures.

I can do all of this if I just had an experiment. That is the problem. I cannot come up with anything to even start this project. I have spent hours thinking about it, and I guess I don't have the creative brain because I am at a loss. One group in my class is taking 20 adults and separating them into groups of 2- 1 group will be told that they will be timed and the other group will not be told. Then they are giving them a tootsie pop and timing them to see how long it takes to get to the center.

So there's an example. I don't really like what they are doing, but hey atleast they have something.

So if anyone out there can give me some ideas to get started with. Not asking for you to do the experiment or anything, just help me find out what I can do.

Any help appreciated.