Factor Analysis and Rasch Model - Unidimensionality

Hello, :)

I´m doing a validation of the foreign version of an questionnaire. For that, a factor analysis was carried out to assess the unidimensionality of the questionnaire - an iterated principal axis (IPA) method using varimax rotation was conduted.

Results: Factor 1 (Eigenvalue) = 5.502 an Factor 2 (Eigenvalue) = 1.323
This analysis indicated that the measure was strongly unidimensional?!!?? What is a cutoff?

Than, a Rasch Model analysis was performed using BIGSTEPS to examine infit statistics. This analysis indicated that the data fit the Rasch Model well with infit statistics (items) ranging from 0.88 and 1.28.

Can I say that this measure is unidimensional?!

Please help me! Thanks!:D