factor analysis

i can u plz tell me. as i am management student and not strong in econometrics.... kindly if u can reply my question...would be appretiabale .

i have one variable as dependent the corporate scial responsibility. i operationalized it and produce five dimensions. and each dimension have atleast 3 items and these items are taken tone valie eiterh o or 1 . then its avergae define the particular dimension of CSR . my independent variable is meaured from formula. so i have one variable to be analsed. can i run fator analysis plzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me


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Please don't beg. If you have an interesting question, or at least show that you have invested some effort in it, you will likely get an answer. If not, begging won't help and most likely irritate.

You are asking for our "statistical blessing". Unfortunately, no such thing exist. You will just need to understand the argument you are making when you choose a specific method, explain that as clearly as possible. If others agree with your argument, then that is good for your ego. If others don't agree and explain why, then you will have learned something new, so that is good to. If others disagree and don't explain why, then they are just being unprofessional, so that is not your problem.

My first thought on that question is that I would go for a full scale SEM, where the measurement model for your dependent variable has a hierarchical nature: the observed items measuring the dimensions, and the dimensions measuring the dependent variable. By going just factor analysis you loose that hierarchical nature of the measurement model and you loose the ability to control for measurement error. Whether or not those losses are a big deal is something you will need to decide.
thanks for ur words. i am actually requesting..... quite confused actually. ok what are u saying that let my variable is ...... hope u getting the diaggram. ok social measure with 3 further items. what u said is the apllication of structual modeling to social and its three items . similarly with rest of all. now can u plzz tell me that what about the analysis of five dimension and relation btween five these and to CSR

social 1, 2, 3
economical 1,2,3

CSR environmental
Re: factor analysis hope u help me

thanks for u repnse. it helped me alot i have to want a little from u hope u dont mind it.

i perfom SEM for black errows and for the red ones too . but what those in red that linking CSR with five dimensions.

waitng for ur reply