Factorial repeated measures MANOVA

Dear all,
I would like to apply a repeated measures MANOVA to my dataset, but I have some questions about the relevance of this choice. I have several independent (categorical) and dependent (continues) variables. Each subject corresponds to a single combination of IVs. For each of them, I have several repeated measures, represented by a “time” column. I want to explain my DVs with my IVs (so MANOVA seems appropriate) and consider the effect of several observations at different time (so repeated measures).
Here an example of my dataset:


I would like to apply a repeated measures MANOVA by following this “R-formula”: “(DV1,DV2) ~ IV1*IV2*time” with “time” as a within factor.
However, due to my dataset nature, I always have only 1 observation for every factor-level combination and the function I would like to use does not work. Hence, it set off alarm bells about the relevance of the test and I am wondering if repeated measures MANOVA is theoretically applicable to my dataset or if another test is recommended instead. How should I deal with it?

(I am a new member of this forum, I hope this question is in the right forum sub-category).

Thanks in advance.