Feline Epilepsy: Please provide Guidance

I have a 3 year old male cat (Isidore) with primary epilepsy of 1 year duration. I have recorded the dates and durations of his ictal phases: 7 grand-mal siezures over the course of 12 months, interval durations ranging from 49 days to 92 days. Ictal duration 2 to 5 minutes.

Please direct me to a site that could educate me as to these statistical methods (and others) that could teach me relevant probabilities:
1) standard deviation
2) mean, median, mode
3) predictability of incipient seizure with confidence intervals

My cat is my love. I need to know within the realms of math and reason what the odds are of him having his next seizure in a given period of time. Medical management is dictated by these factors and the more I can educate myself, the better off Isidore will be.

Thank you for reading. Please help me.


TS Contributor
this is not an easy stat problem for you. You see you do not need simple statistics like the ones you describe. you need something like time series. But, go to http://statlink.tripod.com. Choose statistical theory or applets and calculators (better) and see what you can find about what you want.