Finding degree of difference


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I am given two sets of data collected by two different people. The data in includes the variables area, production and productivity of coconut. Now, how do I find the degree of difference? This topic is completely new to me.
The data collected by both do not seem to be comparable. The area considered by both for conducting the experiment is different. Productivity of coconut in a particular place is 16,000 as per the first person and 4000 for the second.
This is so confusing. Can somebody please help me out.
Thank you in advance.


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You can compare the variables looking at different inter-rater reliability approaches also their distributions using two-sample Kolmogorov–Smirnov statistic.


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Thank you. Since I am new to Statistics, I did not get the term "Inter-rater reliability approaches".
For the year 2012-13, I did the two sample KS test and obtained the following results,
Area: D=1, p value= 0.02857
Production: D=0.25, p value=1
Productivity: D=0.5, p value=0.7714
Does this mean that inspite of different areas covered, production and productivity follows the same distribution either way?