finding probabilty

Consider a country in which 100, 000 people vote in an election. There
are only two candidates on the ballot; a Democratic candidate (denoted D) and a Republican
candidate (denoted R). The country is heavily Democratic, so 80, 000 people go to the polls
with the intention of voting for D, and 20, 000 go to the polls with the intention voting for R.
However, the layout of the ballot is a little confusing, so each voter, independently and with
probability 1/100, votes for the wrong candidate – that is, the one that he or she did not
intend to vote for. (Remember that there are only two candidates on the ballot.)
How many votes do we expect D to receive?


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Here is my try:

Since the probability for a person to vote wrongly is 1/100, the # of D votes goes to R is (1/100) * 80000 = 800
similarly # of R votes to D is (1/100) * 20000 = 200

so, total D votes would be 80000 - 800 + 200 = 80600

Can someone help me, if I did it wrong?