Finding the right Analysis / Prediction Software


I am working on a project where I mostly do statistical analysis and I am now looking for a tool which helps me to analyze the data faster and simpler than programming it myself.

The objective of project is to predict certain events. Therefore I got some data including events that already occurred and some calculated attributes which should help to describe and predict future events.

The attributes for the describing the event impact the prediction differently. Some have greater impact or help making a more correct prediction than others. I There for defined weights (Parameters) for each attributes… which can vary a lot.

So I would like to find a way to get best parameters for the prediction. In order to do that I defined KPIs to measure the fittest parameters and maybe algorithm.

I am wondering if there any software solution out there, that would help me to do that more effective and efficient than programming it myself?
I am thinking of a tool where I can define the KPIs, set ranges for the parameters and the tool finds the parameters where the KPI is max or min. Or where I can change a parameter and see how its impacting the KPI?

Does anyone of you know if/where I can find such a tool?