Finds best 7 best days in a row out of a set of data

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I am looking for knowledge with the following topic, I have a set of data in the attachment where I have a product A, with the current maximum rate of product 5,400 KG, however now I am trying to find new best production data, the rule is that to find a new best production rate I need to consider the best 7 days in a row and with that calculate the average. Calculate the average of the best 7 days in a row is not the question logically, the question is how to find out through a quick formula what is the best 7 days rates in a row, any idea?




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Sounds like you should create a formula to calculate the first 7-day average (e.g., T1-T7) and then just drag the formula down the column and get all of the 7-day averages. Depending on you sample size you can likely see which is the largest or you can create a formula to report back the max value in the calculated column of 7-day averages.

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Calculate a moving average of length 7, then find the max moving average.

These are the lot numbers:



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There's sure to be an array formula that just picks the best 7 day average out of a column.
Try asking on an Excel forum.
Or, if you are likely to use this a lot, it may pay to write a user defined function.