Fix Autocorrelation in SPSS in a Model with Abundant Dummies

How can I get SPSS output that corrects for first-level autocorrelation and gives me appropriate beta estimates and significance levels? I used dummy variables for time and state effects in a model, I have 22 YEAR dummies and 51 STATE dummies. The method I want to copy is explained in an older paper:

Eij = pEij-1 + Sij

"Where ρ is the autocorrelation between the εijth and εij-1th errors and δij is a normally and independently distributed error with a constant variance across time and counties. The residuals from the weighted least squares fit were used to estimate rho. The dependent variable Yij was then transformed into Yij - ρ Yij-1. The regression analysis was rerun with these transformed independent and dependent variables." Can anyone explain what was done in this example and how I can do the same?