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[Why I think stats and maths are cool] Working on mosquito dispersal problem today. Fitting 2D directional probability density functions to counts of mosquitoes found in random C02 traps with a new modelling approach, mosquitoes coming in from multiple sources all around. Best fitting models all found strong directional preference in one certain direction. We ring-up Mosquito expect who conducted field work, turns out the direction our models predict is equal to the wind direction during sampling -> I'm stunned that I just calculated the wind direction almost perfectly from counts of mosquitoes in C02 traps. [/ why I think stats and maths are cool].


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:( My computer is definitely give some warning signs that the hard drive is going to fail soon.

I suppose now would be a good time to suggest going for a SSD. I'm amazed at how fast these allow me to boot and load programs. Fiancee's macbook boots up in literally 3 seconds. Wish I could get linux to do that too. :(

PS. Just noticed I crossed the 1000 milestone. Man I'm getting old....:shakehead


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A SSD would be nice. We'll see if we have the cash for any upgrades. I'm doing fine just not using that computer now.

On other topics: I think I found the perfect avatar for trinker...

It zooms in if you wait long enough.


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I wish R supported multi-line comments. It would make some things a lot easier when using a sub-par editor.


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Yeah - but I don't see any problem with that. It could work in R as well. Other possibilities would be something like a C/Java type syntax
# Single line comment
2 + 2
Multi line comment
1/log(sin(pi)^2 + cos(pi)^2) # Oh noes I broke the world


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I guess it's because of the interactive aspect of R. One way to look at is is that after you enter the beginning of a multiline comment, all further commands are just ignored until when/if the end of the comment is given. This wouldn't be a crazy idea, but I guess phrasing it this way does foster a little bit of appreciation for why they chose not to include such a feature.


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I mean I can understand that but you already pointed out another interactive language that has multi-line comment support: Python!


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I declare this thread to be a stand-in chatbox until it gets fixed!

So everybody post only the on-topic and professional type things you would post in the chatbox.



I declare this thread unfit for chatbox status as Dason is slandering me again and I can't alter his conversation like I can in the chatbox.