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Hi All

First post here

What I have built is a spreadsheet for to predict winner of a football game
Each team has values A B and C

Lets say Team 1 A Value 10 B Value 12 C Value 8

Team 2 A Value 8 B Value 10 C value 5

I have delib made team B lower there in all values

Normally I would just look at Team 1 Value A > B etc

But there are 2 things I wouls like to know

I know I can manually put all data pre match manually

Is there a way that a "comparison" formula in eg excel can work out the best winning numbers?


that work over many games
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You say you can manually pull the data so is there a manual calculation you do after that to get your prediction?


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I imagine that the manual calculation is what MrSpud is looking for.
Probably you will need to scale the three scores for strength of effect rather like the decathlon scoring system with its performance tables. This will need a lot of preliminary data and analysis.
(I imagine.)