For Coca Cola project-Need help with SPSS

I desperately need help with my project analysis. I have tried doing factor analysis on the data I have, but it shows up errors and the output is not even processing. My submission is on 28th. I have to finish factor analysis, conjoint analysis, logistic regression based on this data that I have.

Please help. It will be much appreciated. Attaching the survey with this mail.

Thank you,


TS Contributor
Hi srilu121,

First of all, you can't perform a Conjoint Analysis, that would require a continuous response, which I don't see here. This type of data may be more fit for Choice-Based Modeling, yet that would require a choice design, which wasn't included either. Factor analysis should be interesting, but that would require an underlying latent score, at least a theoretical one.

What would I do then? Well, this survey seems quite appropriate for Maketing Segmentation, allowing you to classify consumers according to their tastes and preferences. There are many statistical models good for that, like PCA or Cluster Analysis. If you have demographic information of the respondents, you could also use classification techniques to analyze the groups of preference and then identify which sector of the population lie in each of those segments you have just created. That would be quiet useful for segmenting publicity, products and also for targeting specifically designed campaigns.

Hope this helps a bit.