Forced choice test with six options - analysis

Dear all,

I had a profile here before, but I cannot access it anymore since I registered it on an e-mail I don't have anymore (since I changed workplaces).

I was hoping to hear experiences and advice about using and analysing data from a forced choice test. I have gone through quite a lot of literature on the topic and there seems not to be a clear consensus on what way of analysis is best.

I want to test people's preferences (on a scale) between six different political parties. I have done a test where the respondents were presented with 15 trials in each of which they had to choose a preferred option between two political parties. The order in which the pairs were presented differed for each participant.

What would be the best way of calculating the preferences on a scale, so that one could see the distance between least liked to most liked? Is it possible to do this on an individual level or will it only be possible to have the result on a group-level only?

Thank you so much in advance!