Foreach loop for graphs: only changing title


I am making 15 graphs and would like to use a foreach loop. Everything works fine, but I don't know how to make the title change for each graph.

foreach var of varlist A-Z{
scatter `var' age if sex==1, title(x)

....where x is (eating, walking etc.) unique for each graph.

Would be nice if you could write this code once instead of 15 times.


If you've labelled the variables properly then you can just extract each variable's label into a local macro (here called graphtitle):

foreach var of varlist A-Z {
[INDENT]local graphtitle : variable label `var'
scatter `var' age if sex==1, title(`graphtitle')[/INDENT]
See the manual entry for macro ([P] macro) for more info on extracting labels from variables, or the User's Guide ( 18.5 Macros) for more info on macros in general.