[Fortran] Call out for some possible assistance

Hey everyone. I'm putting this out as a preamble to see if anyone on this forum might have some decent Fortran (F90) skills. I'm using Lahey to perform a Monte Carlo project. I am to compile a t-test subroutine (which I have already done... and it actually works) and use in in several different analysis of distributions.

As you can probably see, I will be exploring for myself what effect certain abnormal distributions have on the t-statistic. I should mention that this is the first time I have written a computer program since my old Atari PC in 1987.

I will be having to write this main program (which I have been told is a piece of cake compared to the t-test subroutine) which will call the routine and do 100 - 100,000 repetitions based on a distribution called from another random number generator subroutine. It will have a counter which will track each time a t-value reaches significance.

I am pressed for time because of a slew of computer compatibility issues with my program and need to know if someone may be lurking that could answer some roadblocks I might encounter. If so, I guess keep an eye out on this thread either today or through to Saturday.

Thanks in advance!
Really just code writing difficulties. I know how many times I got flustered writing the t-test computations and am really just nervous about not being able to write a logical (and working) program. Especially given the time crunch.


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Alright. I've worked with Fortran a little bit but not too much but feel free to post any difficulties you're having. Are your difficulties more with Fortran or with the algorithm writing process itself?