Forum software update

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the emails. I am aware of the problems with vbulletin. There have been a lot of bad reviews about vbulletin on stability and site errors. And lots of forums have moved to the xenforo platform, including digital point (, physics forum (

I am thinking of moving as well, but it is kind of a big project so I have been dragging my feet. I have also been waiting for the zenforo community to come up with all the toys we have here, such as latex, chatbox etc, now they do. So please check out the platforms and share your thoughts.

check them out:


If we are ok with the switch, I can do it within a few days and I think most if not all problems will be gone. I am here and will always be here to make TS better. Thanks!



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Just a question from a mediocre tech person; will the TS content be back-loaded onto a new platform? I am fine with whatever option gets selected, though, I leave inactive hyperlinks in my stats code sometimes to relevant TS threads on similar topics, a kind of note taking process. So I was curious if those threads will be lost or not. Though, as I said, I am fine with change, most of the content is also stored deep in my brain somewhere.
All threads will be kept and imported into the xenforo platform. :-)

xenforo team is the original people who wrote vbulletin. They had a big breakup a few years ago and the lead developer founded xenforo. Vbulletin had been great up until the breakup, but after that the upgrades have been very risky, there were issues everywhere and ultimately I gave up the idea of upgrading. We are now using a very ancient version of VB and that's why we got spam troubles, search not running, etc. I'll do more research on xenforo, we'll have to make changes to improve TS. And I will make sure to include a new chatbox.


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Do any of these new software options provide better mobile support? Ideally it would be nice if they had an accompanying app so you can just connect directly to the chatbox (once authenticated). The VBulletin one is just terrible on my android browser. At minimum it should have some responsive design to resize text accordingly!
Xenforo has mobile styles. From what I hear it is much better in every way. I am planning to do the update in late June. Sorry for the delay, this migration is huge, there's quite a bit of preparation to be completed. It will be done.